Ted Gore

Be Still. Listen. Feel.


Prints are available for all of my images on this page and are handled on an individual basis. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print and specify what size and image you are interested in. I offer prints on metal, which is a fantastic medium for fine art prints. The images have a 3-dimensional look, and really jump off the surface. They are very durable and scratch resistant, can be cleaned with window cleaner, and are very light. Due to the metal substrate being stiff, the prints are ready to hang when combined with the optional backing(additional cost, see below). Just hammer a nail in your wall, and hang it up! If you prefer your print framed, the metal print can also be framed easily. I do not provide framing, but I do recommend the image have a 4 inch white matte or higher for a more elegant and sophisticated presentation. The pricing for prints is listed below, and the sizes listed are the general and more common sizes. Some of my images do not have these exact measurements, and the pricing can be slightly different than what is listed below based on the prints total area. In general, any size is available, and the pricing is approximately $90/sqft. Shipping not included and varies depending on the size of the print. 

The prints are also available in three finishes, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. Gloss will have the most vibrant colors and tones, but the surface is reflective, and may not be ideal in areas with strong sources of light in the direction the print is facing. Matte has very little reflectivity and it's appearance will not be as vibrant as gloss, but the negatives of a reflective surface are minimized. Semi-gloss provides some of the color density properties of gloss with better reflective properties that limit glare. 

16x20 - $200

18x24 - $270

20x30 - $375

24x36 - $540

30x40 - $750

36x48 - $1080

40x60 - $1500

Float Backing - $75


Licensing is available for all of my images and is handled on an individual basis. Please contact me with your licensing needs and for pricing information.